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Winter Light

The story so far
In 2019 Winter Light arrived on the streets of Llandudno with Chapters 1 and 2 of this epic tale.

Chapter 1: ‘The Chase’ saw the amazing Ychen Bannog, Oxen of Hugh Gadarn, and the Vikings who once conquered the Orme, process through the streets in their timeless search for the Conwy Mermaid. They were joined by the wicked Ring Master with his Circus entourage and Dark Sailors. The Mermaid would make a fine prize for his circus collection to draw in crowds of ogling public - but where is she?

Chapter 2: ‘The Mermaids Purse’ continued the story with stunning projection at North Western Gardens. This showed the pursuit of the mermaid over the centuries by Vikings, Hugh Gadarn and the circus Ring Master, and her ongoing evasion of capture - racing and chasing through the waves.

November 2021

Chapter 3 “The Capture” a smaller and more intimate touring performance in communities in Conwy. It offered the opportunity for watching the next instalment of this unravelling tale. The rumours were that the mermaid had finally been caught …